You Might Think You Are a Good Driver, But There Is Always Room For Improvement.


There are many drivers on Australia’s roads and most of them think that they are excellent drivers. Just because they have been driving for numerous years, they think that they have nothing else to learn when it comes to driving safely and obeying the rules of the road. However, 95% of accidents that occur on our roads are caused by driver error where people drive too fast, are easily distracted behind the wheel and are totally unaware of other drivers around them. Now, with the advent of smart phones, people are even checking emails and sending messages while they are driving.

If you want to become a better, more accomplished driver, then you need to really consider taking a safer driver course. This course is more advanced than your original driving test and it teaches you skills that you probably don’t have, and if you have, then it will teach you how to perform them better. It’s important to differentiate yourself from normal drivers and to be able to react quickly when you need to. It could be the difference between saving your life and taking an early exit out of this one.

There are numerous advantages to taking an additional course on safer driving and we will look at just a few of them here today.

  • Insurance for the car has gone sky high now and any way to reduce that has to be taken seriously. Your insurance company will give serious consideration to reducing your premium if you take one of these courses. When you pass, then you become a lesser risk as you are more aware of and are able to deal with accident situations better. Where once, you wouldn’t see that an accident was going to happen, now you are taught to notice the signs and take action before it happens. Less accidents mean less payouts by the insurance company and they will reward you for that.
  • You may have paid money for the course, but you will recover that money back when you save on fuel charges. This safer driver course teaches you how to handle your car better and you learn about gradual acceleration and the right gears to be used at certain times. This means that your car burns less fuel and you will see the savings at the pump when you fill up again.
  • Your stress levels and your general well-being will improve when you are driving now. It comes from your new found confidence in your driving and you understand the risks more regarding other drivers. You can now anticipate the silly thing that they are going to do and react to that easily.

Everyone wants to be a better driver and this advanced course will help you to be one. It will save you money over the long term and maybe you will start to enjoy driving again and list it as one of your hobbies. Keep yourself safe, your family safe and other drivers safe, by taking this excellent driving course.